Teaching Socratic Questioning Strategies with Hedbanz

I was walking by the classroom of a colleague when one of my students who happened to be in that class called out to me, “Am I alive?”.  The students were playing the game Hedbanz, and she happen to have a tomato on her forehead.  If you are not familiar with game Hedbanz, it is a game were students ask questions of each other in an attempt to determine the picture on the card that is held by a headband on their forehead.  I asked my colleague if he was using the game to teaching questioning to his students.  He replied no, he was using it to teach the concept of capitalism.  The kids were playing a number of different quick games to determine which one most closely matched the concept of capitalism that is exemplified by Monopoly.  Playing Monopoly would just take way too long.  I talked with him about how I’ve been working with my students to get them to ask each other questions.  Students asking questions of each other is a huge part of Modeling Instruction, and my students and I have been really struggling with question asking this year.  He suggested making my own cards and playing a variation of the game.  I think there is a great deal of merit to this idea.  Now I need to think of pictures to place on the cards to get my students asking the right questions.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

About ryanwoodside

I help students learn science. I teach at Windham High School in Maine.
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